Navigating Colloquiums in Leadership Education

In the world of education, traditional methods often involve students passively receiving and repeating information. Leadership education, however, aims to engage learners actively—encouraging deep reading, critical thinking, and character growth. This week, we’re diving into these concepts on our podcast with three Pyramid Project trainers (Camille McCausland, Cassie Dixon, and Leah Hone) and our host, […]

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Nate Bothwell – Unleashing Potential

Join us for a riveting discussion as Tatiana and Heidi sit down with Nate Bothwell, an alumnus of TJYC (now known as Quest) and an accomplished user experience designer (and the designer of the NEW LEMI Website –!) In this episode, we delve into Bothwell’s educational path, his experience in public speaking, and his

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Cassie Dixon – Applying Mission

LEMI has been around long enough that we have many graduates who are moving forward and living their mission. And it isn’t limited to just the kids! Parents are “graduating” too! Cassie Dixon’s youngest son graduated and she decided to take what she learned in LEMI and her community and bring it to her community

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Michelle Kelly – Environments of Growth

Michelle is not just an experienced homeschooler but also a dedicated LEMI (Leadership Education Mentoring Institute) trainer who possesses a wealth of knowledge and insights to offer. Over the years, she has served as a mentor for numerous projects and plays a pivotal role as a trainer for Quest 3, a program that takes educational

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Camille McCausland – Thinking Differently

We had an incredibly enjoyable time during our interview with Camille McCausland! With her extensive experience in homeschooling, she shared numerous captivating stories that greatly enhance our comprehension of both homeschooling and parenting. In her role as a LEMI Trainer for the Pyramid Project, Camille adeptly guided us through an engaging conversation centered around math

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