Classic Calls

Classic Call – The Warrior

In this passionate discussion, Tiffany’s sister Kami motivates all of us to become ‘warriors’, engaged in the battle for knowledge, truth, and a better future. She draws from historical and fictional narratives to illustrate the importance of fortitude and vision. She focuses on the principles of monism, dualism, and polyism as belief systems framing our […]

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Classic Call – Vision Casting

Can I just say, I have the BEST JOB EVER! I love being able to edit these calls and share them with you! This one I think is from 2006 but it is so applicable to today! Tiffany and Aneladee break down the steps you need to take to vision cast successfully with your child,

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Classic Call – Seasons

Being able to see in seasons is a necessity for Leadership Education. And for your success! Whether that success is surviving a winter of sickness or other hardship or a fall of harvesting the rewards of a job well done. This is a favorite! It will help you see things in different ways and put

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Classic Call – How Liber Are You?

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to be “liber”? With Leadership Education and LEMI, we’re passionate about exploring the concept of “liber” education. So, let me ask you this: How deeply have you dived into your educational journey? And more importantly, why do you aspire to invest in your education to attain that

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Classic Call – Seeing in Forms

Forms. We talk about them a lot in LEMI. It is definitely a topic that we can go over and over and learn more each time. In this Classic Call, Tiffany Earl shares how to see forms more clearly, know what forms are, and how to understand the behind the scenes belief so you can

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Classic Call – The 5 Levels of communication

Effective communication lies at the heart of our relationships. Whether we are mentors or parents, establishing connections with the young individuals in our lives is crucial. Furthermore, communication plays a pivotal role in our personal development and comprehension.

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Classic Call – Inspiring Greatness

The verb “inspire” has several related meanings, but its core definition is to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially something creative, extraordinary, or positive. When you inspire someone, you motivate or encourage them to take action, to achieve greatness, or to pursue their dreams. Inspiration can come from

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Classic Call – Writing – Part 2

LEMI Writing Philosophy is integral to mentoring the projects. Much more organic than other writing. Check out this classic call where Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne continue the discussion! Missed part 1? Click HERE!

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Classic Call – The Law of the Wall

At some point in our lives, we all hit a wall. Whether it is a personal challenge, a professional obstacle, or a health issue, we all face situations that seem insurmountable. In these moments, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, defeated, and lost. However, as the Law of the Wall suggests, there are multiple ways

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