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How do Moms do it?
Navigating the Challenges of Motherhood and Mentoring Join us on the LEMIWorks! Podcast as Heidi and...
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Raising Kids in a Crisis
In this week’s episode, Tatiana and Heidi delve into the palpable fear and despair gripping many...
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Classic Call - The Warrior
In this passionate discussion, Tiffany’s sister Kami motivates all of us to become ‘warriors’,...
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Quest Scholars Dive Deep into "The Coddling of the American Mind"
Join us for a riveting episode as a group of Quest scholars, dive deep into the heart of “The Coddling...
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EDUCATION: What it Needs to be
In a world where the educational system seems to be unraveling, it’s high time we tackle some hard-hitting...
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Courageous Connections: Unveiling the Power of Community
Embracing a sense of community can be quite the challenge. For homeschooling parents, it can be tempting...
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Classic Call - Vision Casting
Can I just say, I have the BEST JOB EVER! I love being able to edit these calls and share them with...
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Tara Martin - Strength in Community
As homeschoolers we are all bucking the system. We are doing things our way. How do we… or more...
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Cassie Dixon - Applying Mission
LEMI has been around long enough that we have many graduates who are moving forward and living their...
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Classic Call - Seasons
Being able to see in seasons is a necessity for Leadership Education. And for your success! Whether...
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Wow!  Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, otherwise known as LEMI, has been around for 20 years!  

We are dedicated to promoting true educational and leadership principles that strengthen families, build communities, and provide opportunities for obtaining a leadership education for families.

It’s time to share with the world the projects that have been created, the principles discovered, and the communities established.  We are excited to share how LEMI has been working.

In pursuit of this mission, we’re establishing the LEMIWorks! Podcast.  Each week in an episode, we will be alternating between classic calls focusing on the principles we are founded on, learning from the amazing leaders and mentors in our LEMI community, and highlighting some of the lives of our graduates.

Hi, I’m Tatiana Fallon, a LEMI Graduate and current homeschool educator.  

I’m Heidi Christianson.  I’m a credentialed teacher, and I’ve been homeschooling for over 20 years and involved with Leadership Education for over 15.  And we are your hosts.

Between the two of us, we have over 50 years of mentoring experience.

If you are a homeschool parent or educator, you will find deep, meaningful conversations with parents and leaders who are walking a similar path.  We hope to inspire you as you embark on your education journey. We are happy you have found us!  Please subscribe and share. 

Tatiana Fallon
Heidi Christianson

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