Too Much Shakespeare? NEVER!

Why dive into four years of Shakespeare? In our latest episode, our brilliant Classical Acting trainer Jenny Forston passionately shares how Shakespeare’s works can transform students’ lives.

Shakespeare’s plays are the bedrock of English language and culture, packed with rich linguistic and emotional experiences. Students don’t just learn language; they also develop emotional intelligence by exploring the complex relationships in his works. A four-year journey with Shakespeare is more than just an academic endeavor. It’s a transformative experience that fosters self-awareness, empathy, and personal growth. Students gain essential life skills, boost their confidence through public speaking, and build strong community bonds by performing and analyzing these timeless works together.

In this episode, Jenny also unveils our updated Classical Acting manual, designed to deepen students’ engagement with Shakespeare. With fresh insights into performance, textual analysis, and community involvement, this manual helps students develop leadership, academic skills, and personal growth.

Committing to Shakespeare isn’t just about studying a playwright. It’s about enriching students’ lives in every way—academically, emotionally, and socially. For homeschool parents and educators, investing in Shakespeare education brings transformative, lasting benefits for students, preparing them with essential skills for the future.

00:22 The Stress and Reward of Tech Week in Theater

01:54 The Lifelong Journey of Studying Shakespeare

02:32 Why Shakespeare? Exploring Its Unique Value

02:53 Shakespeare’s Impact on Language and Emotional Intelligence

07:25 Personal Growth Through Shakespearean Roles

10:33 Shakespeare Conquest: A Multi-Year Educational Journey

19:28 The Transformative Power of Shakespeare in Personal and Academic Growth

29:31 Building Community and Confidence Through Shakespeare

32:33 The Transformative Power of Shakespeare in Education

33:16 Building Community Through Shakespeare

37:13 The Lasting Impact of Classical Acting on Students

39:43 Deepening Understanding Through Repetition and Depth

41:53 The Universal Influence of Shakespeare

46:04 Personal Reflections on Shakespeare’s Impact

56:33 Classical Acting: A Comprehensive Approach to Learning