Too Much Shakespeare? NEVER!

Why dive into four years of Shakespeare? In our latest episode, our brilliant Classical Acting trainer Jenny Forston passionately shares how Shakespeare’s works can transform students’ lives. Shakespeare’s plays are the bedrock of English language and culture, packed with rich linguistic and emotional experiences. Students don’t just learn language; they also develop emotional intelligence by […]

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Classic Call – Understanding Human Nature

Join Aneladee and Tatiana in this captivating “Classic Call” that unpacks the profound impact of understanding human nature on governance and relationships. Drawing from historical thinkers and the founding fathers, they explain how these timeless insights shape our Constitution, personal lives, and the way we engage with the world.

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Classic Call – Mastering Social Awareness

Imagine connecting deeply with those around you, mastering the art of seeing the unseen, and nurturing spaces where empathy and understanding flourish. That’s the essence of social awareness. Through the enlightening tales of Tiffany and Aneladee, we see the blueprint for not just leading but inspiring in our communities and homes. Ever heard about the

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How do Moms do it?

Navigating the Challenges of Motherhood and Mentoring Join us on the LEMIWorks! Podcast as Heidi and Tati dive deep into the whirlwind journey of motherhood and mentorship. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the trials and triumphs that come with parenting and guiding others, all through the lens of two seasoned moms who’ve been

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Raising Kids in a Crisis

In this week’s episode, Tatiana and Heidi delve into the palpable fear and despair gripping many individuals amidst today’s turbulent world. They weave through history’s ebbs and flows, dissecting crisis stages and underlining the vital role of hope and endurance in the face of adversity. Their conversation illuminates the critical importance of community bonds, meaningful

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EDUCATION: What it Needs to be

In a world where the educational system seems to be unraveling, it’s high time we tackle some hard-hitting questions. That’s exactly what Tatiana and Heidi dive into during their candid education discussion. They’re not just scratching the surface of what education means; they’re digging deep into its past, present, and future. Join these two seasoned

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Courageous Connections: Unveiling the Power of Community

Embracing a sense of community can be quite the challenge. For homeschooling parents, it can be tempting to simply drop off our kids and avoid the sometimes awkward interactions with others. But here’s the thing: being part of a community requires us to be open, to expose ourselves to the possibility of embarrassment, both from

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Tara Martin – Strength in Community

As homeschoolers we are all bucking the system. We are doing things our way. How do we… or more importantly, why do we need community? How can a bunch of independent thinkers come together for the good of the group? And why would we want to? Tatiana and Heidi talked with Tara about this and

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Cassie Dixon – Applying Mission

LEMI has been around long enough that we have many graduates who are moving forward and living their mission. And it isn’t limited to just the kids! Parents are “graduating” too! Cassie Dixon’s youngest son graduated and she decided to take what she learned in LEMI and her community and bring it to her community

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Lynne Nielsen – First Things First

Family. Community. Leadership. Lynne Nielsen puts first things first. Join us for this week’s episode where we talk about how Lynne started homeschooling, how she found Leadership Education, and how she founded two communities. We also talked about her school’s junior program – something I know many communities are interested in learning more about! And

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