School Leadership Training

Courageous Connections: Unveiling the Power of Community

Embracing a sense of community can be quite the challenge. For homeschooling parents, it can be tempting to simply drop off our kids and avoid the sometimes awkward interactions with others. But here’s the thing: being part of a community requires us to be open, to expose ourselves to the possibility of embarrassment, both from […]

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Katie Richins – True Leadership

Sitting down with a good friend and talking about leadership, principles, and great books. Join Tatiana and Heidi as the talk to Katie Richins and talk about the School Leadership Training program and so much more!

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Olivia Votaw

The Power of Community – School Leadership Training Olivia Votaw, one of the developers of LEMI’s School Leadership Training, shares her homeschooling journey.  She never thought she’d homeschool until a chance encounter at a bookstore. She read Thomas Jefferson Education, took the Liber Community Series training, and has never looked back.  She learned the power

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