Classic Calls

Classic Call – Say Go Be Do

Get ready to discover a transformative principle that will change your life! In this episode, we explore the power of LEMI’s Say-Go-Be-Do principle. Host Tiffany brings on her sister Kami to discuss how this principle has impacted their lives and how it can do the same for you. Based on a powerful hymn, Say Go […]

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Classic Call – Scholar Ladders

The Scholar Ladders are foundational LEMI principles. Listen as Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne discuss the different levels of the scholar phase and how the ladders – Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills (Knowledge was added later) – help us mentor. “It is so important for us as mentors to understand the fluidity of life, to understand

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Classic Call – Language of Freedom

In this Classic Call, Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne, the founders of LEMI, discuss the Language of Freedom. “If you know the vocabulary, you can think the thought.” Tiffany “We don’t know when we are giving up our freedoms if we can’t speak the language of freedom.” Aneladee Milne “Do not deprive your students the

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