Navigating Colloquiums in Leadership Education

In the world of education, traditional methods often involve students passively receiving and repeating information. Leadership education, however, aims to engage learners actively—encouraging deep reading, critical thinking, and character growth. This week, we’re diving into these concepts on our podcast with three Pyramid Project trainers (Camille McCausland, Cassie Dixon, and Leah Hone) and our host, Heidi. They’ll explore effective ways to lead a book colloquium, using the classic “Carry on Mr. Bowditch” by Jean Lee Latham as a case study.

The discussion isn’t just about listing facts from Nathaniel Bowditch’s life or dissecting the book’s literary elements. It’s about sparking a connection between the scholars and the story. Our trainers will share their insights on the critical role of preparation and curiosity, along with practical techniques like annotating and questioning. These strategies aren’t just about understanding the text but engaging with it actively, from noting new words to pinpointing impactful passages.

This episode isn’t just a resource for Pyramid Project trainers; it’s also a treasure trove of inspiration for parents, mentors, and educators looking for dynamic ways to facilitate discussions and deepen engagement with literature.


Carry on Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham


00:00 Welcome and Introduction to the Colloquium Discussion
00:38 Preparing for Colloquiums: Insights and Strategies
03:44 Engaging Scholars: Techniques and Anecdotes
10:59 Transitioning to Public School Teaching: Applying Leadership Education Principles
13:44 Deep Dive into ‘Carry On Mr. Bowditch’: Analyzing Themes and Learning Approaches
21:59 Exploring the Capacity Triangle through Nathaniel Bowditch’s Journey
28:25 Welcoming a New Trainer to the Team
28:42 Exploring Personality Tests in Education
30:22 The Evolution of Nat’s Social Skills
33:37 Character Analysis and Personal Growth
36:50 Navigating Challenges and Character Development
41:56 Mentoring Techniques for Deep Learning
46:37 Encouraging Self-Discovery and Critical Thinking
49:32 Effective Strategies for Leading Colloquiums