Nate Bothwell – Unleashing Potential

Join us for a riveting discussion as Tatiana and Heidi sit down with Nate Bothwell, an alumnus of TJYC (now known as Quest) and an accomplished user experience designer (and the designer of the NEW LEMI Website –!) In this episode, we delve into Bothwell’s educational path, his experience in public speaking, and his successful career in UX Design. Bothwell reminisces about his formative experiences with TJYC, including a memorable tale from a speech competition, showcasing how these early encounters have shaped his professional skill set. He also shares insights into his collaboration with Kathy Mellor, conducting seminars across the United States and creating the ‘Unleashing Your Voice’ and ‘Unleashing Your Choice’ manuals, which advocate for the cultivation of unique speaking styles. Further exploring his journey into UX design, Bothwell discusses how his background in the LEMI projects, especially Pyramid Project, has been instrumental in understanding client needs and developing effective digital solutions. Additionally, we discuss contemporary challenges such as the impact of AI and social media on society and individual expression, underscoring the significance of embracing one’s unique voice and the critical role mentors play in unlocking an individual’s potential.


Nate’s website –

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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New LEMI Website –


00:00 Introduction and Guest Background
00:40 Memories from TJYC and Quest
01:08 The Art of Public Speaking
04:05 Working with Kathy Mellor
06:37 The Impact of Homeschooling
08:17 The Power of Individuality
10:53 The Influence of Social Media
11:19 The Role of AI in Society
14:08 The Importance of Understanding Different Worldviews
30:30 The Impact of LEMI Projects on Career
35:47 The Value of Unleashing Your Voice Program
37:36 Conclusion