Kerrie Fairchild – A Parent’s Impact

I had a hard time figuring out what to name this episode. Kerrie is a good friend of mine. She “graduated” many years ago. I’ve been blessed to watch her take Leadership Education and everything she learned with LEMI and share it with so many people and build on it! She was instrumental in starting […]

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Tina Forsyth – Georgics: A foundation of Truth

Every time I talk to Tina Forsyth, I learn something absolutely amazing about her! She has a ton of experience in theater so we thought her first love would be Shakespeare Conquest. But it is Georgics!

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Leah Hone – The Commonwealth Difference

The Commonwealth Model for homeschool communities was developed by Aneladee Milne with Tiffany Earl. These communities are not the run of the mill homeschool co-op. There is something different about them. Leah Hone has been homeschooling her kids for about 15 years and has graduated her oldest two from the LEMI Continuum. She has a

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Nicholeen Peck – Homeschooling Courageously

Did you know that Nicholeen Peck, of Teaching Self-Government fame, was once a LEMI trainer? Yep! Her kids were in a commonwealth and she taught Shakespeare at least 5 times! Tati and I had a wonderful time talking with her this week. She told us about how she started homeschooling, the big “socialization” question, and

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Tatiana Fallon – The Power of Simulations

You asked for it! In the feedback forms that went out after LEMI trainings this summer I asked everyone to give us suggestions on who you’d like to hear from on the podcast. Tatiana had the most people request her! Tatiana has literally written the book on Simulations. She goes deep on why simulations are

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Camille McCausland – Thinking Differently

We had an incredibly enjoyable time during our interview with Camille McCausland! With her extensive experience in homeschooling, she shared numerous captivating stories that greatly enhance our comprehension of both homeschooling and parenting. In her role as a LEMI Trainer for the Pyramid Project, Camille adeptly guided us through an engaging conversation centered around math

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Dina Wells – Harnessing Amazingness

Seeing the “amazingness” in everyone is an awesome lesson! Dina Wells founded her community on this concept. She saw it in the other moms she knew and harnessed it to form an amazing group! Today she trains parents to do it as a LEMI trainer for Quest 1 & 2 and School Leadership Training. Join

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Katie Richins – True Leadership

Sitting down with a good friend and talking about leadership, principles, and great books. Join Tatiana and Heidi as the talk to Katie Richins and talk about the School Leadership Training program and so much more!

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Diana Peterson – Diving in

Diana Peterson, a courageous and determined individual, embarked on a remarkable journey that would transform her life and the lives of her children. With no prior experience in homeschooling or the LEMI program, she fearlessly dove into the unknown, driven by a deep longing for an education that would truly nurture her children’s individuality. As

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Natalya Whitaker – the Transformational Power of Acting

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary narrative of Natalya Whitaker, a true catalyst for change. Not only did she create a groundbreaking actors training program, but she also played a pivotal role in inspiring her mother, Aneladee, to establish the awe-inspiring Shakespeare Conquest. Natalya’s own journey took an unexpected turn when she was later

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