Sword & Hero

Embrace the Future: Insights from “The Fourth Turning is Here”

Kent and Amy Bowler, pioneers of Leadership Education, join Tatiana and Heidi as they unravel the pages of “The Fourth Turning is Here” by Neil Howe in our latest podcast episode. This conversation is more than a dialogue; it’s a deep dive into the essence of leadership in times of crisis and the pivotal role […]

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Diana Peterson – Diving in

Diana Peterson, a courageous and determined individual, embarked on a remarkable journey that would transform her life and the lives of her children. With no prior experience in homeschooling or the LEMI program, she fearlessly dove into the unknown, driven by a deep longing for an education that would truly nurture her children’s individuality. As

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Lucas Reynolds – Belief in our Youth

Get ready to be inspired as Lucas Reynolds takes us on a journey of leadership education in this mind-blowing podcast episode! Lucas shares his valuable insights and experiences on how to create strong and confident leaders. He reveals the secrets to emotional management and mastering the art of public speaking, giving our youth the tools

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Angela Kriel

WHAT IS HERO PROJECT? Conversation with Angela Kriel the Creator Angela Kriel is a veteran homeschooler, former LEMI trainer, and amazing artist. In this episode she shares the reason behind her creating the Hero Project. The importance of learning from our elders and creating your own story, helps our youth understand that they have an

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