Embrace the Future: Insights from “The Fourth Turning is Here”

Kent and Amy Bowler, pioneers of Leadership Education, join Tatiana and Heidi as they unravel the pages of “The Fourth Turning is Here” by Neil Howe in our latest podcast episode. This conversation is more than a dialogue; it’s a deep dive into the essence of leadership in times of crisis and the pivotal role of nurturing resilient children in an era of uncertainty. We navigate the tumultuous waters of free will versus fear, the recurring nature of history, and the indomitable spirit of humanity to rise above its challenges.

The Bowlers, with their rich insights, guide us through the storm, offering strategies for families to anchor themselves amidst societal shifts. They illuminate the path to harnessing personal agency, facing fear with fortitude, and carving out a future that embraces change with open arms and wise hearts.

Tune in to this episode for a compelling narrative that bridges the gap between past wisdom and future possibilities, encouraging a well-rounded and proactive approach to personal development and intergenerational understanding. Discover the strength in choice and resilience as we together shape a promising horizon, even in the face of turmoil.


The 4th Turning is Here  by Neil Howe

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Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

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The Diary of a CEO Podcast

00:00 Welcome to the Book Discussion: Diving into Leadership and Evolution

01:03 Exploring the Intricacies of Free Agency and Evolution

02:46 Generational Theories and the Impact of External Forces

05:19 The Influence of Society and Culture on Individual Choices

10:36 Parenting and Generational Challenges in Times of Crisis

19:49 Finding Inspiration and Agency in Historical Patterns

21:04 Reflecting on Personal Stories and the Cycles of History

25:42 Understanding the Natural Laws and Cyclical Nature of History

28:18 Exploring Human Evolution and Modern Challenges

28:49 The Impact of Technology on Natural Cycles

30:30 Cultural and Generational Cycles: Learning from History

31:42 Personal Reflections on Civil War and Societal Divisions

34:22 Navigating Polarization and Preparing the Next Generation

39:12 Confronting Fear and Embracing Hope for the Future

54:27 Strategies for Meaningful Colloquiums and Deep Listening