Cynthia Hampton – A Guiding Star

we’re excited to introduce you to Cynthia Hampton, the founder of Polar Star, a thriving homeschool community that embodies the principles of Leadership Education.

Cynthia is a true homeschooling hero who believes in the power of extreme volunteerism and encouraging others to do the same. She began Polar Star over 20 years ago, driven by her desire to provide her children with an education that went beyond the limitations of the public school system.

As a former public school teacher, Cynthia knew the importance of developing strong leadership skills in children. She believes that true education means using your time to make a positive difference in the world and that a love of learning is essential to that process.

Cynthia’s dedication to extreme volunteerism is evident in everything she does. She encourages others to use their talents and time to make a positive impact in their communities, and her commitment to creating a supportive homeschool community has touched the lives of countless families over the years.

Cynthia Hampton is a true homeschooling hero who embodies the principles of Leadership Education.

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