Sheree Gaughan – The Play is the Thing

Hold on tight because this isn’t your ordinary tale about Shakespeare! Let me introduce you to Sheree, an absolute wizard when it comes to mentoring and a theater aficionado. She’ll take you on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of guiding the incredible LEMI acting projects. Brace yourself because our scholars gain so much more than just acting skills from these plays. It’s a wild journey that defies expectations, and trust me, the learning isn’t limited to the kids alone! Prepare for a mind-blowing experience as Shakespeare Conquest sweeps through your entire family, transforming each and every one of you. Believe me, this is an episode you absolutely cannot afford to miss! So buckle up and tune in!

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  1. Sheree Gaughan

    Sheree Gaughan here! Something I forgot to say when talking about the difference between Shakespeare Conquest & Classical Acting is that Classical Acting is considered a scholar project, not an apprentice scholar project. We created it as a companion piece (or it could be) to Quest. In other words, it has a lot of meat & definitely deepens the students understanding of Shakespeare & acting, however, the homework load is not very heavy. We want the students in Quest or Pyramid Project to be spending more study time there. It gives our students a challenge w/o too much homework.

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