Kathy Mellor

The Power of Quest! Listen to a Homeschool Veteran give advice and guidance on how to excel in leadership education and mentoring. Kathy Mellor is a long time Leader and Mentor in the homeschooling and leadership education world. She travels the United States speaking and helping youth and adults with her business Unleashing Your Voice.  […]

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Olivia Votaw

The Power of Community – School Leadership Training Olivia Votaw, one of the developers of LEMI’s School Leadership Training, shares her homeschooling journey.  She never thought she’d homeschool until a chance encounter at a bookstore. She read Thomas Jefferson Education, took the Liber Community Series training, and has never looked back.  She learned the power

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Rama Kumaran

THE IMPACT OF MENTORS Rama Kumaran graduated from his Liber Community almost a decade ago and still appreciates the practical applications of his leadership education. A world class flutist, he understands the impact mentors have on his life.

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Shawn Crane

ESTABLISHING A SCHOOL THAT BUILDS RESILIENCY AND SETS YOUTH UP FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE Shawn Crane, a veteran homeschool mom and founder of a Leadership Education School talks with us about how she built a school that has lasted over 23 years and sent kids to top colleges and helped them excel. She shares powerful

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Aneladee milne

The Why Behind LEMI! Conversation with founder Aneladee Milne Aneladee Milne is the Co-founder of LEMI; she is currently a licensed mental health counselor. She is a veteran homeschooler and community leader. Aneladee introduces the educational debate between essential and perennial. She explains the difference between Practice Scholar and Apprentice Scholar. If the content has

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Classic Call – Language of Freedom

In this Classic Call, Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne, the founders of LEMI, discuss the Language of Freedom. “If you know the vocabulary, you can think the thought.” Tiffany “We don’t know when we are giving up our freedoms if we can’t speak the language of freedom.” Aneladee Milne “Do not deprive your students the

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Welcome to the LEMIWorks! Podcast

Wow!  Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, otherwise known as LEMI, has been around for 20 years!   We are dedicated to promoting true educational and leadership principles that strengthen families, build communities, and provide opportunities for obtaining a leadership education for families.

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