Heidi Christianson – Two Worlds Collide

I couldn’t keep hiding in the shadows any longer. Tati insisted it was time to spill the beans, so here’s my tale. My lifelong dance with the traditional education system has been nothing short of a rocky road, even when I was firmly entrenched in it as a college instructor and charter school teacher. My […]

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Tatiana Fallon – The Power of Simulations

You asked for it! In the feedback forms that went out after LEMI trainings this summer I asked everyone to give us suggestions on who you’d like to hear from on the podcast. Tatiana had the most people request her! Tatiana has literally written the book on Simulations. She goes deep on why simulations are

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Camille McCausland – Thinking Differently

We had an incredibly enjoyable time during our interview with Camille McCausland! With her extensive experience in homeschooling, she shared numerous captivating stories that greatly enhance our comprehension of both homeschooling and parenting. In her role as a LEMI Trainer for the Pyramid Project, Camille adeptly guided us through an engaging conversation centered around math

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Dina Wells – Harnessing Amazingness

Seeing the “amazingness” in everyone is an awesome lesson! Dina Wells founded her community on this concept. She saw it in the other moms she knew and harnessed it to form an amazing group! Today she trains parents to do it as a LEMI trainer for Quest 1 & 2 and School Leadership Training. Join

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Katie Richins – True Leadership

Sitting down with a good friend and talking about leadership, principles, and great books. Join Tatiana and Heidi as the talk to Katie Richins and talk about the School Leadership Training program and so much more!

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Diana Peterson – Diving in

Diana Peterson, a courageous and determined individual, embarked on a remarkable journey that would transform her life and the lives of her children. With no prior experience in homeschooling or the LEMI program, she fearlessly dove into the unknown, driven by a deep longing for an education that would truly nurture her children’s individuality. As

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Melanie Hartzell – The Continuum

In this week’s episode Melanie Hartzell, a veteran homeschooler (24+ years!), shared her insights and experiences on the journey of inspiring youth and empowering parents. Melanie has been involved with LEMI for a long time and has helped mentors and families develop scholars who are prepared for the challenges of the modern world. We talked

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Sheree Gaughan – The Play is the Thing

Hold on tight because this isn’t your ordinary tale about Shakespeare! Let me introduce you to Sheree, an absolute wizard when it comes to mentoring and a theater aficionado. She’ll take you on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of guiding the incredible LEMI acting projects. Brace yourself because our scholars gain so

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Angela Kriel

WHAT IS HERO PROJECT? Conversation with Angela Kriel the Creator Angela Kriel is a veteran homeschooler, former LEMI trainer, and amazing artist. In this episode she shares the reason behind her creating the Hero Project. The importance of learning from our elders and creating your own story, helps our youth understand that they have an

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Heather Fuhriman – Shakespeare to Edison

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journey of Heather Fuhriman! As a veteran homeschooler and community leader, Heather has a wealth of experience mentoring youth in her community. From delving into Shakespeare Conquest to exploring the innovative Edison Project, Heather has seen it all. But Heather’s story isn’t just about the amazing work

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